RACCOON Removal in South Jersey

Raccoons are adorable, but these furry little bandits can do quite a bit of damage to your home and property. These Bad Critters seek shelter and warmth during the winter months, and a safe place to have babies.  Attic spaces in homes and buildings provide them with shelter and warmth.  Raccoons move around mostly at night and can be heard very clearly if they have made their way into your home. Raccoons can climb gutters, trees, porches, trash cans or just about anything to get in. 

Do Not attempt to rid an indoor space from an intruding animal such as a possum or raccoon. Call (609)374-6794

Raccoons can cause damage to you home such as torn insulation, chewed electric wires, damaged roof and siding, odors and feces.  When active in your yard these Bad Critters tear up grass and turf, destroy yard decor, bird feeders and flower beds.

A Bad Critter Raccoon and Squirrel Removal offers safe and effective solutions for your residential and commercial wildlife problems!  If you suspect that you havea wildlife problem call us immediately. (609)374-6794.

🦝🦝 Bad Critter Raccoon Tips 🦝🦝

  1. Secure your trash and recycling cans and keep pet food indoors

During the winter months in South Jersey, local wildlife food sources become much more scarce for critters like raccoons and possums.  When foraging for food these  Bad Critters will help themselves to open garbage cans and accessible pet food.  

  1. Raccoons are nocturnal 

If you see a raccoon on your property during the day may indicate that the animal is diseased. Stay safe and stay away!  Call a professional immediately.