Wild Animal Control South Jersey

During the fall and winter months, as well as during breeding seasons, many Bad Critters seek shelter. Wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, skunks, possums, birds and mice, can make their way into home. 


Local South Jersey wildlife critters can get into many different spaces of you home. They look for safe and quiet areas with little to no human traffic. These mischievous critters 🐿 will find their way into attic spaces, garages and vehicles, pool houses, under porches and decks, behind and under sheds, in and around wood piles.

These Bad Critters are so smart that they can identify structural damage such as attack fans, gable vents, loose siding and soffits, damaged roofs and weak floor boards as away to enter. They will climb trees, gutters, trash cans, railings, fences and more!  Our expert “Critter Gitters”, born and raised in South Jersey, are knowledgeable on local wildlife and will safely and quickly and determine the type of intruder and how they got in.

The damage caused by our local woodland friends can be extensive and expensive! Some destroy personal property in attics and ceilings . Damage roofs and siding, torn insulation, chewed electrical wires, feces and animal odors. Call the Squirrelman right away if you think you have an unwanted houseguest. 

We removal all animals as safely and humanely as possible. If you have a wildlife animal in you home or property DO NOT attempt to approach or catch them. Step away slowly and make sure you and your family are safe. It is always best to leave the animals alone and call a professional immediately.  

Our experts thoroughly assess the area to determine what type of animal has invaded your property.  We identify entry points, mysterious noises, property damage, feces and foul odors.